Nail Tutorial: The Avengers Nail Art

The premier of The Avengers is coming closer and closer. I am soooooooo excited, can't wait to be one of the first who gets to watch it. =) So, to get myself all set, decided to get my nail art done too just to get in the mood. Love that each time my 'kids' see my nails they all stare at it with awe and those eyes that think I'm the most amazing person or something. =p

So here's how to do this really simple The Avengers Nail Art. Below is the look. I'll try to do a step by step in case, but forgive me if I don't give you folks a proper instruction..

1. Base Coat
- I cannot stress how important it is to use the base coat. I'm using OPI's Base Coat.

2. Base Colors.
- Now for the base colors.
-Thumb:  OPI's Glitzerland (that was featured on CLEO's Beauty Hall of Fame 2010)
- Pointer: OPI's No Room For the Blues
- Tall Finger: OPI's Color So Hot it Berns (which was also featured on CLEO's Beauty Hall of Fame 2010)
- Ring Finger: I used OPI's Gargantium Green Grappe - Matte.
- Pinky: OPI's Black Onyx ( I simply adore this dark black)

3. Red Acrylic Paint.
- I prefer using acrylic paint because it dries up faster and it is way easier to paint them. Now, using a nice small brish you want to paint the Black Widow's sign on the pinky and the shape of the iron mask on the thumb and finally a bit of red on the tip of the pointer.

4. Black Acrylic Paint
- Using the black acrylic paint, you want to paint on the face on the thumb and the ring finger. A bit of hair for the ring finger and a big huge rectangle for the mouth, and on the thumb just some lines.

5. Blue Acrylic
- Use a little bit of blue paint and paint on the eyes on the thumb. Small little rectangular eyes.

6. White Acrylic Paint
- Using a white acrylic paint, you want to paint on a star on the pointer, teeth on the ring finger.

To get more details on how I did some certain nail art, continue reading them so I can guide you through bit by bit.

Iron Man
- OPI's Glitzerland
- Red Acrylic (Draw out the shape of the mask)
-  Black Acrylic (Draw some lines for the eyes and mouth)
- Blue Acrylic (Eyes for Iron Man)

Captain America
- OPI's No Room for the Blues
- Red Acrylic (Only on the tip!)
- White Acrylic (Draw on a star and a small straight thin line across the red tip)

- OPI's Color So Hot it Berns 
- Light Grey (Draw a small rectangular box)
- Dark Grey (Draw 2 lines across the box)
- Brown (Just draw one straight line down to the tip)

The Hulk
- OPI's Gargantium Green Grappe - Matte.
- Black Acrylic (Paint on the hair and then the eyes, and later on a small rectangular box at the bottom)
- White Acrylic (Dot on teeth for the hulk)

Black Widow
- OPI's Black Onyx
- Red Acrylic (Just draw an 'X' and fill it.)