Nail Tutorial: Radiant Summer Colors

 It's been a while since I've blogged. So here is another new nail art. I was scrolling thru some videos on how to do this, and fell in love with 1 specific one.. So decided to try it out. Here's the link.

1. Base Coat
- Yes, it is that important! To protect your nails.

2. Base Natural Color
- Choose a natural color, so that they can draw the attention on the colors later on.

3. Blue Line
- It does not need to be straight, if it's messy, it's alright. 

4. Pink Line
- The pink after the blue.
5. White Line
- White somehow always draws a deeper attention to the nails.

6. Yellow Line
- Now at the edge you want to apply the last stroke of yellow.

7. Mix em
- Now, use either a toothpick or a needle and draw across. Again, the colors will mix on it's own.

 8. Top Coat
- Once your done, you want to apply the top coat to protect your colors.

Let it dry for about 15 minutes, it takes time to try so do be careful! And once it's dry, enjoy these radiant colorful peacock inspired nail art. =)