Wedding Blog: I finally found THE DRESS.

Wedding date is coming closer and closer... This is soooo surreal!!! Each time I realize the date is drawing closer I tend to give myself a panic attack praying that things will go well. In total I have about 7 months and 9 days more.. OMFgosh!! (I shall not use God's name in vain ;p)

I've started my wedding dress shopping. 7 months before.. *phew* You have no idea how much fun it is to be trying out sooooooo many different dresses.

The thing was all, I have always kept imagining myself in a tailor made gown into a perfect wedding dress for my wedding.. And the thing about tailor made dresses, of course you get to keep it.... BUT.. What happens if at the end of THE DAY, that was not the dress you have always wanted?? And with that thought, I decided to try out some gowns before I made up my mind.

To my own surprise, I was right.. The design and style I wanted looked absolutely ridiculous on me.. I was so upset that that certain design just did not do me justice. Other than that, the other shi*y part.. Church weddings. *le sigh* Can't show too much skin, must look descent as a respect and all, but still look elegant somehow..

I started trying on gowns after gowns. 1 minute I felt this is the dress and I loose that dress to another bride, next minute I see another dress and fall in love and then thought maybe not after all.. Goodness the amount of dresses I tried... *phew* It ended u becoming a workout!! And... Being a plus sized is not much of a help either (especially with that tush I have)

But finally today... Oh today will be such a day to remember.. I have FINALLY FOUND THE DRESS and immediately booked it.

A lot of brides will always tell you. The
Minute you put on a the dress there is this huge feeling that this is the one.. Take about 15 minutes to think about it or more.. Trust me it took me 3 freaking weeks to decide on the dress. But with a smile on my face and a proud moment, I can finally say.. I have found the dress..

Of course do not expect me to show u guys pictures of the dress.. It may surprise most of you that I chose that style and design. But I'm very happy with it. :)

Oh! And a little note to all you soon to be brides too... If you want to rent a gown, go to about 5 wedding shops, try not to go more because trust me each shop you go to you will somehow find 1 dress that you might think is 'THE ONE'. But take time to think if that was
Really what you love and like, if it really suits you or not, if it compliments you or not..