Wedding Blog: Wedding Dates

Wedding dates are really hard to decide on sometimes.. Weekend? School holidays? Follow Feng Shui maybe? It's pretty hard especially when you have relatives from all over the world and you need to let them know in time for them to return for your wedding. But Fiance and I managed to choose a date that means so much to me. And I am ever grateful that he agreed to the date too. =) We chose the date after my grandparents wedding date.

My grandparents got married on 16th November 1962. 50 years later, their first grand daughter is tying the knot.

I've always looked up to my grandparents, they were such role models to me. They taught me so much about love and family.

I loved how Ah Kong was so deeply in love with Ah Ma, and Ah Ma respected and loved him too. They had this 'cute and adorable' relationship. Ah Kong would tease Ah Ma once in a while, and Ah Ma would jokingly play hard to get. I loved sitting down with the grand aunty to listen to them talk about how when Ah Kong used to tackle Ah Ma. It was because of Ah Ma, Ah Kong started going to church every week. Just to see her. It was so sweet. I think if I was given a chance to write a book about their love, I bet you they would make into a movie. =) Throughout the years, I have grown up seeing the both of them stand by each other. Supporting each other and mostly respecting each other. Ah Kong would still grab Ah Ma and start dancing to her, and when there are karaoke sessions he would sing love songs to her.

I explained to the Fiance about the date, and why I wanted the date then.. He agreed on it. =) Which I thought was pretty sweet of him. =) It means so much to me, and hopefully I get to follow their footsteps in terms of relationships, starting a family.

So with the date set. I immediately booked the church and the venue. *Phew* And just in time too!! The thing about marrying in the year 2012.. Chinese believe when you marry during the Dragon year, you get loads of prosperity and wealth or something. So practically everywhere we wanted was fully booked. Thank God for wedding planners.. =) We managed to book this most heavenly location for our reception.

As I slowly prepare for my wedding.. I know they are up there watching down on me and guiding me in every step I take. =)

Wedding Date: November 17th 2012.