Nail Tutorial: Peekaboo Rainbow

I'm supposed to have loads of time to blog these days, but I guess I'm just too lazy to update with the past few events that has been going on.. I'll try.. I'll keep saying I will try! =p

Anyways, before you complain about me not posting nothing.. here's another nail tutorial.

 1. Base Coat
- Using OPI's Base Coat, just because I love how much OPI takes good care of my nails.

 2.  COLORS!
- You want to use colors that stand out and not just any 'boring' colors. Go bright! I chose Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple and Blue. See how striking it is!

 3. Cellophane Tape
- Use thin Cellophane tapes and tape up your nail. Now you really want to wait till your nails are all dried up to apply the cellophane tape. My advice is wait for 1 full day. I did that! If not 5 hours or more. Just to be on the safe side so it does not ruin your base colors. 

4. Black Top
- Now use your black polish and polish on right on top of your cellophane tape. Leave it to dry for about 1 hour then only you peal the cellophane tape off.

 5. Top Coat
- Apply the top coat and your done! It's that simple!!