Outfit of the day: Day 1 (The Beginning)

I'm not sure if I have informed all of you blog readers of mine that I recently lost a lot of weight due to my health. So from 88kg I am now 75kg. I'm pretty happy that I've lost that amount of weight but not happy for the fact that loads of my 'old clothes' do not fit me anymore. :(

Fiancé says I'm not allowed to buy new clothes or attired until after the wedding. So for now I have to find ways to make the old stuff look good on me. This is a test of my fashion skills!! OMG!! So even if I look ugly in any of my posts.. Y'all are gonna just deal with it and say I still look awesome ok?? 😜
So this was what I wore today.. Something casual and simple, something I feel comfortable in. =)

Top: Jerry Pulcine
Tights: From Australia
Sandals: Clarks
Bag: Kitschen
Accessories: Diva & Someone