Outfit of the day: Day 2 (Lunch & Play Date)

Had a lunch date with the bestie and play date with another bestie. What a day for me to play dress up. Went all the way to Damansara Uptown to have lunch with the bestie.. We had japanese.. Oh my, there goes my calories calculation.. *yikes*

But anyhooz.. This is what I wore today. =) I'm proud of myself.. Cause bestie said I was overdressed for lunch later did she know.. *winkz*

Top: Blook (Bangsar)
Belt: Nichii
Tights: From Australia
Clutch: Kitschen
Bracelets: A gift
Ring: Online Shopping. 
Shades: Ray Ban

As you can see by now, I'm not much of a branded person. =p Sometimes, it just takes a lot of confidence to pull of the best look. =) My blouse was a bit too big for me, the last time when I wore it, it fit just right.. Sorry to brag. But DEAL WITH IT! =p So to emphasize on the nice waist that I have now *blush*, i used my really old belt that I thought I could not fit into.. Just to emphasize on the waist. *teehee* Ok I know.. I'm bragging too much about my weight lost now.. But can I help it?!?!?!??!

Oh and I have to thank the most important person who helped get shots of my look. Kimberly. =) Remember Kimmie.. "He is always there, for you to stare.. If you dare." Kim and I made a joke about this dude. =) She was such a pro, each time she hated the shot, she'd make me pose again.. And when she finds the perfect angle.. Snap. LOL. That's what Bestie's do I guess.. Make you look good in every pic. Hahahahha.