Outfit of the day: Day 3 (Simple )

I love wearing oversized tops with tights.. Thing that I realize is that to match tops with tights you need to think loose..

I got this top about 5 years ago when I started putting on weight. When I wore it then it was just nice and looked like a normal blouse top.. Now.. Taaadaaa!!!!!!

I usually pair this look with my black
Booties.. But again due to my leg injury I didn't dare risking another week of bed rest. *yikes*

Also I tried the messy bun hairdo today. :) pretty easy and simple!! Made my entire outfit chic-ER than usual. Linked the video for you gorgeous babes, so you guys can get this simple hair done too. =)

Top: (Forgive me, I forgot where it's from)
Tights: Australia
Bag: Kitschen
Bracelet: A gift.
Ring: Diva
Hairband: Diva