Outfit of the Day: Day 4 (Let's Go Tribal)

I remember seeing this dress on the display and I immediately went "I HAVE TO GET THIS!!" I fell in love with the different tribal designs that was on the dress and such sweet colors too! After purchasing this dress, I remember my fiance telling me how 'fat' and 'pregnant' I looked in this dress.. You see, for females.. Sometimes it really offends you especially when your fiance tells you that! It does! So this poor dress, I stopped wearing it for a long time. I didn't want people to see me as 'Fat' or 'Pregnant'.

But once in a while, when I feel lazy.. Or just don't feel like dressing up at all or just having dinner with the family. I pull this dress out. Of course, I made sure I was not going to be seen in public with this dress. Today, somehow.. Today this dress was calling out for me. I tried it on and looked completely different. Fiance also said I looked good (All of a sudden) And this dress once again became my favourite dress all over again. 

I kept my accessories simple this time. Didn't want to draw attention away from the dress.. I got my hair tied up in this special 8 loop hairstyle and wore these bracelets Fiance got for me. Of course I'm  providing you girls with the YouTube video on how to get the same hair do. =) See how much I love you people! =p

Dress: Nichii
Sandals: Clarks
Bag: Coach
Bracelet: A gift from the Fiance
Ring: Diva
Shades: Ray Ban
Earrings: A Bazaar in Mount Kiara.