Outfit of The Day: Day 6 (Short Shorts)

I'm sorry of I missed 1 day of not blogging. Had a busy day.

Now, back to this outfit.. I could never pull of wearing shorts last time because I had elephant thighs. But lately I could.. :) and no elephant thighs!!

Went for dinner at Paradigm mall last night. You gotta love new malls. Bought junk load of accessories. (Fiancé better not read this blog) Had dinner at Plan B. I am madly in love with their red velvet! And their sandwiches!! It's a must try!!

Top: Kitschen
Spaghetti top: Nichii
Shorts: Tailor made
Sandals: Clark's
Necklace: Bijoux Jewelry
Ring: online
Earrings: Bijoux Jewelry