Nail Tutorial: Keeping it NUDE!

LET'S GET NUDE Shall we????? With a little extra bling to it!

It's been a looooooonnnnngggg while I have not posted about my messed up nails. So recently, I got really fed up with my square nails and decided to make em round instead.. It actually looks longer somehow. *hmmmmm*

So anyways, this nail art is really simple. I do have to thank Ms. Jynn for passing me her Japanese nail magazines, a heck loada inspirations in em! Thank you JYNN!

1. Base Coat (OPI)
- It's important la!! Just make sure you get that done first!!

2. Base Color (OPI - Otherwise Engaged)
- I wanted a Nude Tone, to match with whatever I was going to wear for the whole week. So the base, I'm not so sure if you guys can really see the color.. Sorry, I promise to use my SLR in future.. Was just to lazy to get up to get the camera. =p

- So you want to create a half moon shape DO NOT paint the whole nail.. If not it won't really look that nice.

3. Darker Nude Tips (OPI - Dulce De Leche)
- You want to paint the tips rounded shape too.. To add a pop of a little color you want to choose a darker shade.. Just maybe a little bit darker. Again, I chose a nude tone because I wanted them to look natural somehow. =p

4. Gold Lining (Skin Food - GOLD)
- Using a thin brush you want to paint on the lines on the nails. Just to make it pop a little. And do you see why i said that the base should be painted moon shaped too?? So that you can add a bit more glitter to it. =)

5. Bling Em Up!
- Now add on some really gorgeous nude tone blings to the ring finger and the thumb. And your done!! How easy!! PS: You need to apply a layer of top coat to get your bling to stay.

6. Top Coat
-  Add a top coat and your done. Don't forget to let it dry!!

Nail Tip: To test and see if your nails are dry use the other pair of nails and rub em together.. If they still feel sticky, their not dried up yet.. If they don't feel stick, they are all dried up.