Nail Tutorial: Mermaid Tail

Recently I've been dreaming about mermaids.. Weird I know!! But ever since I was a kid I have always been madly in love with the Little Mermaid. I became so hooked on her that I went crazy. My aunt Joyce who traveled a lot back then would always return with Little Mermaid merchandizes. I had Little Mermaid bedsheets, pencils, gift bags, bags and loads more!! I was so in love with how a mermaid can fall in love with a normal human being. And I guess as the years passed by.. I started to love the underwater life. So I went crazy on my Instagram and started uploading a heck load of mermaid pictures and I stumbled upon this nail art.

Immediately, without thinking. I quickly grabbed my nail polish and started doing this nail art! Look how easy and simple it is! And it does also give you quite an elegant look. =)

Here's how my nails turned out.
What do you guys thing?? You'd be surprise how easy it is to do a simple nail art like this. =)