Nail Tutorial: Wild Rainbow Leopard Prints

"You always need a little bit of color in your life."

Lately, the weather has been getting on to me. Too gloomy.. just too gloomy. But you can always rely on your friends and some meet ups to add a little dash of color to your daily life. =) For that, I was inspired to get this nail art done.

Everybody knows I love colors, bling and animal prints. Can never go wrong with that combination. =)

1. Base Coat

2. White Base (OPI - Alpine Snow)
- You want to use white as your base so that the colors on the tips can pop even more! At the same time, your spots can be spotted from afar. =p Make sure you do a half moon base color. I'm a messy base polish person.. *Don't judge*

3. Colorful Tips
- I know you can't really see the color, again forgive me.. I was too lazy to use my SLR and used the iPhone instead. =p So on my thumb I chose Yellow, on the pointed a HOT pink, the tall finger green, decided to leave the ring finger as it is just to make it stand out, and finally the baby finger with purple tips. You don't really have to follow the colors, they are just some suggestions of colors you wanna use.

4. Spots
- Using the same tip colors you want to apply the spots all over the nails. Now MAKE SURE YOU ONLY FILL IN THE WHITE AREA!! I've done a tutorial on how to do Leopard Spots. In case you guys didn't get it.. Here *clickety here*

5. Gold Lining (Skin Food - Gold)
- Using a small brush you want to draw 2 lines, one at the lower part and the other, in between the spots and the tips. Just to add that extra pop.

 6. Top Coat
- Lastly, apply the top coat and let it dry. And your done!!

Have an awesome weekend ahead folks!! Now with your amazing nails, head on out and have fun!!