Tip Dye

"Dare to be different, dare to stand out as you!"

Lately I've been seeing a lot of posts on Instagram and Tumblr about the Tip Dye hair. I got sooooo hooked on it. It's so much fun to have such amazing and wild colors on your head. And well, a lot of people have mentioned that the hair is the crowning glory to every women out there.

So I contacted my bestie who is an totally awesome hairstylist at Guys & Dolls. And I asked her if she would tip dye my hair and she immediately agreed!! WOOPIE!! So the other bestie and I went to get our hairs made up. Problem with me.. I have this 'must do something to my hair' syndrom every once in a blue moon. The last time I had that I dyed my hair all black, the other time I had bangs.. And now.. TIP DYE! Booyah!!

The whole procedure takes a freaking long time. But let me just do some advertising here folks.. Getting my hair done at Guys & Dolls is always the best!! I can stay there the whole freaking day I just love it there!! So anyway, Mon started to bleach my hair.. Now the thing about tip dye.. You have to bleach it la of course, if you don't want to bleach it then DON'T TIP DYE LA THEN!! I wanted a color that not many people have dared to use.. So i decided to go for orange. Well I wanted Blue la.. But Mon said it would take forever so I said, let's try orange first.

I loved the end result. I swear my butt grew bigger too because well it really took THAT LONG! Hahahahah.. I have to keep going back to recolor it. And make sure that the color stays. Mon says I need to go back and give it another color and it would be awesome.. Hmmmm.. I'm already thinking of the next color already.. blue?? Or let's make it flaming!! Add on RED! Ha ha ha.. Ok I'm going crazy.

Well to be honest, the reason I wanted to tip dye was because I wanted to stand out, as me. Every corner you go, you see people with the similar hair. Straight if not wavy if not curly.. You see them with the same hair color. Or that 'korean' hairstyle or something.. I wanted something daring. I wanted people to go "What a color!" And well, due to the fact that I've got 4 more months to my wedding I wanted something that I can't regret also la.. But this.. How can I ever regret having this hair?? You can't really see how bright the color is now because well when I took this it was already night.. Hmm.. I promise I'll take more pics soon with the new hairdo. =) Love having reasons to camwhore. =) Oh well.. At least now.. I craved my itch to tip dye.  I absolutely love my new hair look!! Thank you Mon Mon!! <3