Celebrities as Disney Characters.

"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. "- Walt Disney

I believe I'm a bit late with this post, and also I do believe many of you have already seen these pictures on the website out there somewhere somehow... So why am I bothered to repost this?? FML. It's because I absolutely LOVE Disney. Everything in my childhood was about Disney and how amazing it was. I do believe there were times I wish I was a mermaid, or waiting for true loves kiss. Or fighting off the mighty dragon and having a sincere pure heart to pull out the sword from the stone. Oooooohh.. Those childhood memories.

So obviously, when I found these pictures.. I was over the moon. Together with Disney, photographer Annie Leibovitz created this whole range pictures featuring amazing celebrities.

Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion : Jack Black, Will Ferral and Jason Segal

Cinderella: Scarlett Johansson 

Captain Jack Sparrow: Johnny Depp

Captain Jack Sparrow & Pirate: Johnny Depp and Patty Smith

King Arthur, The Sword in the Stone: Roger Federer

Peter Pan, Tinkerbell & Wendy: Mikhail Baryshinikov, Tina Fey, Giselle Bundchen.

Pocahontas: Jessica Biel

 Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip: David Beckham

Sleeping Beauty: Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron

Snow White: Rachel Weisz

Blue Fairy and Disney Fairies: Julie Andrews & Abigail Breslin

 Captain Hook in Peter Pan: Russel Brand

Aladdin: Jeniffer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Genie, Aladdin: Whoppi Goldberg

 Alice in Wonderland: Beyonce, Lyle Lovett & Oliver Platt

The Little Mermaid: Julianne Moore

Beauty & The Beast: Penelope Cruz & Jeff Bridges

Snow White Evil Witch: Olivia Wilde & Alec Baldwin

Ursula, Little Mermaid: Queen Latifah

How amazing!!