Wedding Blog: 8 Days Countdown

In 8 Days time, I am tying the knot. As the day comes closer, I begin to succumb to my emotions. Too many things happening, too many phone calls from relatives, too many wedding errands and details to go through. But I am excited, and to be honest, I can't wait to be HIS WIFE. 

Fiance and I have lasted 8 years, trough thick and thin we have made it this far and chose to continue on our next journey as husband and wife. We have overcome a lot of obstacles in our lives, we have learnt to give and take. Mostly from him.. Giving. =p And to be honest, I thank God for saving the best for last. He is my everything, my best friend, my soul mate, my rock, my shelter, my strength and mostly my comfort. We have gone through the toughest 8 years together, things have happened, mistakes forgiven. But our Love lasted us to this journey..

So 8 days to go.. Till I become Mrs. Patminder Singh.  *Squeals with delight*