Wedding Blog: Choosing The Date #patandclarewedding

If you just got engaged... CONGRATULATIONS! Now to begin the planning process. 1st headache to begin with.. Choosing a wedding date.

Choosing a wedding date can be crucial, especially for Asians. People tend to want to choose a really special, significant yet meaningful date. 'Hubster' and I seemed to decide on a date easily without doing the traditional "ask the fortune teller for dates" thing. (In case you guys didn't know.. I'm half Chinese.) 

You see, Chinese culture.. You are supposed to seek the fortune teller and ask them to choose a prosperous date. That date is supposed to bring you a lot prosper, wealth, health and loads more. Some even believe that that date can bring you a lot of luck when it comes to your future generations. Hubster and I decided to skip that step, I am not really that staunch traditional Chinese anyways. (If you really want to know more about Chinese wedding traditions do *clicke here* )

But for us, Hubster and I knew which date we wanted already. November 16 1963, both my grandparents got married. And if you all don't know by now... My grandparents mean the world to me because they brought me up. Hubster and I wanted our wedding date to be the exact date, but due to 'unforeseen circumstances' we were not allowed to get married on the 16th so we opted for the 17th instead. 1 day difference was not that bad. Things cannot always go your way, and when that happens. Always remember.. You want to enjoy the wedding planning process. Keep calm. You really don't want to be a bridezilla.

I know the holiday weekends are always the best choice for a wedding date, but do keep in mind. There can be some families who have already planned their holidays years before you got proposed. Also, a lot of hotel rooms always charge extra during the holiday season. So once you have decided on the date make sure you start announcing to your families near and far so that they can book their hotel, air ticket and everything in advance.

My best advice, always consult your closest family member or friend to see if this dates are alright. Choose 2 different dates just in case the other one gets rejected. Always have a 'Plan B'! And remember once you both have decided on the date.. Time to spread the word. And slowly, begin your wedding planning process.