The Birds & The Bees questions are going to come real soon!!

Love having conversations with my 8 yr olds.
YH - Teacher Clare, now you married already means your son will come out soon la. And you must cut cut cut your stomach to let the baby out.

Me - YH, why do I need to cut my stomach? I want to push my baby out instead.

N - Ya ya. Not cut stomach la YH, mommy also say push baby out wan la.. You know pppppuuuusssshhhh (he started pushing thin air)

YH - (Had a confused look on his face) How do you push baby out? (Starts to try pushing his own tummy)

Me - It is like when you have a stomach ache and you need to go toilet to poop it out.

YH - (You guys shld see the shock look on his face) WHAT??!! YOU POO POO A BABY OUT?!

Me - Why don't you go and ask your mommy to make another baby then you can see for yourself.

YH - My mom says the 2 of us give her headache already, if have 1 more mommy said will 'pengsan'.

I myself also pengsan already having this discussion. ♥