Valentines DIY

Being a newly wed, Le Hulk Hubster and I have been saving up money for a bigger house, a new car and savings. For the past dating years, we have never celebrated Valentines Day together, he was always busy with work. And I usually celebrated it with my girlfriends.

This year, somehow Le Hulk Hubster had some surprises up his sleeves.

1st he bought me charms for my Pandora. 2 charms! I told him that my Pandora Bracelet will only have meaningful charms. So he got me these 2 charms. A boy figure and a girl figure. How cute.

There was no romantic dinner and I was upset because our first year being married, he was still busy with work and I had to celebrate alone. Later did I know... He came back early and bought me flowers.

So with the guilty conscience,  I decided to make something special for my Hulk Hubster. I had to think of something special for him and came up with this... Something meaningful.

1st - I bought a plain white canvas, took out all my stashes of lipsticks.

2nd - Kissed the whole canvas with my lips leaving all my kisses on it. (Somehow my kisses looked more like my mouth was always open. LOLOLOL!!)

 3rd - I painted a part of "A Thousand Years" on top of it. That was the song we used on our wedding day when I walked down the aisle with my parents.

It maybe the cheapest gift, but it was the most meaningful gift I have ever given him. And I loved that I could put it up next to our Thumb Print Tree from our wedding. To add the extra meaning to it. :) Not bad if I do say so myself.

Anyways, this gift can also be given on any other day. Not only Valentines, maybe anniversary or birthdays. Just to remind your loved ones how special they are. Hope you all had a great Valentines Day!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!