Baked Salmon. #prettyawesomeforsomeonewhocantcok

Every since I tried the Egg Muffin, I decided to be a good housewife and seriously learn to cook. The other night, I had a girl's night. Called few of my girlfriends over to try out my cooking. I never cooked for so man of them before. I never cooked fish. And this was going to be my trial round. I was worried and freaking out that my girlfriends might end up with a bad tummy the next day. *yikes*

Anyways, me being a nice person.. I decided to blog about how to make this dish. I am open to comments on how to make it taste better too so please do leave some comments for me! At least I can learn.

1. Clean your Salmon.
- I don't know why I bought the Salmon steak. But it was mighty huge!!! I did not know how to clean it and had to call my mom and ask her how too..  -.- ``

2. Salt
- Add a bit of salt both sides of the salmon. Rub the salt all over. Even it all out.

3. Pepper
- Grab a pinch of pepper and load up the salmon. Both sides! Make sure you rub it all over to even it out.

4. Oregano
- I used Oregano, because the www said oregano can get rid of the smell on fishes. (And that is why I never liked fish) Again, rub it both sides.

5. Thyme
- One of this www said I should add Thyme. So hey, why not? The more herbs the better right??

6. Rosemary
- Then, add some Rosemary to the salmon. I cannot remember why.. Oh yes, my dearest aunt asked me to add that on just in case. For flavor.

7. Olive Oil
- Drizzle on some olive oil.

8. Tomatoes
- Cut up some Tomatoes to add on some flavor.

9. Garlic
- Cut up some garlic and some onions. I forgot to take pictures of the onions. I actually added the onions and shallots.

10. Bake!!
- Time to bake the whole thing. Oh and before I forget. Cut some lemon slices and put it on top of the fish. Wrap it all up in the foil and bake it in the oven for about 15 minutes. And your done!!

I made some carrots and broccoli to eat together with the fish. Serve it with a glass of white wine. And your done. *squeals with delight* We had such a fun girlie night and none of them had a bad stomach. So.. WOOHOO for me!! Made it alright!! :)

So to those who keep telling themselves they can't cook. Here is something to help you cook. :)