Nail Tutorial: Crack-ed

 I have been contemplating if I wanted to post this. I have been dying to find use of my OPI Crackle. Kinda sad that I left them for a very long time. So I decided to do another crackle nail art. :)

1. Base Coat

2. Base Color
- White
Remember a white base color always allows your other colors to stand out more!

 2. Sponge ON!
- Blue
I decided to choose some pop of color. So using a sponge you want to sponge on a bit of blue. Keep it mind this nail art DOES NOT need to be perfect!

3. Sponge ON!
- Pink
Kinda looks like a Flikr themed nail somehow. 

 4. Sponge ON!
- Green
Florescent green to be exact.

 5. Sponge ON!
- Yellow. Bright yellow would have been better, but I did not have the striking yellow. (Note to self: Time to get a striking yellow!)

6. OPI Crackle
- Apply just 1 layer. 

 7. Top Coat
- And you are DONE!! So simple!
Do not forget to use a cotton bud to clean up the mess around your nails after.