Nail Tutorial: Lilac Roses

This time around I wanted something simple yet elegant. And at the same time.. I didn't want to put too much fuss into it, but I kinda wanted it to look like I did too. HAHA! I can never make up my mind somehow. *le sigh* So I decided on this design.. Hope you do too!

1. Base Coat

2. French Nails.
- I forgot to take a picture how I got my french nails done. *sorry* But it is pretty simple and I promise to do so in future. *Forgive me*

3. Lilac Dots
- It is actually purple. I used my acrylic paint and dotting tool to dot on these dabs. It does not need to be perfect.

4. Lilac Lines.
- Adding a little bit of white to that purple that I used, it gave me a lighter shade making it look lilac-ish. So using a toothpick or a needle draw some outlines to make it look like roses. I know, it still does not look like roses or rose buds... Keep scrolling down.

5. Green Leaves
- Using my paint brush I drew on small little leaves. And slowly the roses takes shape and looks like a flower now..

 6. Top Coat
- Once you are done. Allow the paint to dry for about 5 minutes and apply the top coat. And your done!

It is that simple! Now I can attend my events, dinner and meetings. With my nails looking awesome! Till the next tutorial!! xoxo.