Nail Tutorail: Water Spotted Colors.

 Hello dear beauties,

Sorry I have yet again missed out on my blog. Besides, sometimes I think nobody even reads my blog. (Chehwah emo moment! - Kidding tho!!) Few days back I was scrolling through Pinterest to find a nice and simple nail art. And I found this..

And I decided to try it out. And because I am so kind, I decided to teach you all how I did it in my way. :p

1. Base Coat
- *chiongheiwhinesandgrumbles* IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!

2. Orange Splotch
- Using the nail polish you just dab on a blotch. It does not need to be neat at all! 

3. Yellow Splotch
- Now blot on a yellow spotch.

4. Pink Blotch
- I was never a fan of pink, but I decided to try using colors that stand out. 


5. Blue Blotch
- Lastly I decided to try out a dark blue color. 

6. Black Drips
- Using a glass of water and drop on few drops of black nail polish on top of the water. You want to make sure your water is not too hot nor too cold.

7. Spray Hand Sanitizer
- I am using Antibax hand sanitizer and holding your spray up above the cup you want to spray few times till it looks this way. 

8. Finger
- Just dip your finger in this way. Of course, I would recommend all of you to tape up the sides of your hands so you don't mess up the sides. In my case. I am lazy. ;p

9. Messy Sides
- See what I meant by taping the sides? BUT! If you are lazy just like me. Just use a cotton bud and your nail polish remover and clean up the sides. 

10. Top Coat
- Apply a top coat so your nail art can last longer.

What do you guys think of my first try? To be honest, it was really simple and messy at the same time. But I loved the end result. :) Let me know what you beauties think.