Clare Chiara's Beauty: Facial Masks (Annie's Way Review)


To be honest with many of you, I was born with perfect skin and complexion. My mom was the one who gave me lovely skin. And only last year I tried my first every facial. And so far till today I only have went to 2 facials in my life. According to my skin specialist, my skin is perfect just that it is a little bit dry. I need not go for facials monthly maybe 6 times a month. BUT!! I do have to pay extra care towards my skin.. Applying lotion and so on. ( I shall blog about this facial care more later on.)

One of the extra steps that I needed to do to protect my skin and make sure it will forever look healthy was to apply moisturizing masks. Headed down to Mask Slim and bought myself a whole box of ANNIE'S WAY Moisturizing Mask. I looooovvvveee the end result, my skin feels extra moist and healthier. Well according to the shop assistant, Annie's Way Masks were one of the top sellers in store.

You can choose how many different kind of masks you want. I decided to mix it up and try it all!! I bought this whole box of 10 for RM 80. It lasts me more than 2 months since I only have to apply my mask once a week. I chose Cedarwood Moisturizing Mask, Honey Deep Moisturizing Mask, Cactus Extract Moisturizing Mask, France Rose Moisturizing Mask and the most well known one Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask.

All you have to do is wash your face and once you wipe it dry apply the mask. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes. (I did not know how to pose with a facial mask.. Did not want to look scary.)

After 15 minutes, remove the mask using your hands just wipe the excess all over wait for it to dry and apply day/night cream and leaves your skin looking healthier than ever!! 

And lastly, my horrid naked face. I love the end results, actually makes my skin extra moisturized. So head on down to Mask Slim and get your very own ANNIE'S WAY Moisturizing pack!! And enjoy your beautiful glowing skin.