Clare Chiara's Event: Istana Idol

I have been busy lately. A lot of things are happening lately. There is soooooooo much ongoing that I always want to blog about it.. But I always either forget to take pictures or I forget to blog and post it late. *sigh* So here are one of my late posts. *forgive me*

Few weeks back, I was asked to be a judge for an event. They were hosting the 'Istana Idol'. I have actually stepped away from the entertainment industry for many years now, and was quite surprised to ask to return to be a judge this time around. :) Oh well, it was an honor none the less. The theme for the night was back to the 60's and I had to dress the part. My favorite part was to get a make over!! :) My look for the night was done by Marlia from Guys & Dolls. (You guys need to go to them to get make up and hair done!! They are sooooo amazing!!)

I was having problems with the dressing. (Married Note: Always ask the husband for advice! Even when they have really bad sense of style.) So Le Hulk Hubster went to the cupboard and picked out the dress. How thoughtful. I just had to add in the accessories. And the right look. (ps: laugh at the bottom picture for all I care.. Yup I took it in the toilet.. sue me. There was a huge big mirror.)

Dress: Marks & Spencers
Accessories: Bijoux Jewelry
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Event was held at Istana Hotel. Dear Lord, the food that was served that night... AMAZE-BALLS!! :) Of course, many of you know. I have a sweet tooth. And I LLOOOVVEEE Desserts. I felt like I was in heaven!!

It was really a fun night. And you will be amazed with the hidden talents this group had!! It was amazing!! There were man dressed as ladies, there were amazing ladies dressed up looking like Twiggy and some 60's person. The CEO of the company was the best! He was dressed like a true Hipster of that genre. Could not get a picture of him..

To be honest, judging was really fun. I would do it again. Who knows what the next batch of talents would hold. :) Thank you for the opportunity!!