How To: Make your own lip gloss.

Before I ride off to Langkawi, I decided to blog about how I did my own lip gloss. Now, being under the sun and intense heat I wanted to pay extra attention to my lips. I don't want it to dry up and look absolutely dead or something. So I wanted to spice things up on my lips while getting some nice moisture on my lips. 

These are the ingredients you need. 
1. Vaseline 
2. Any eyeshadow of your choice. (I chose this Pink Shu Uemura Eye Shadow, not the black one. DUH!)
3. A small container
4. A small spoon to mix all the ingredients. 

 1. Using your small spoon, take some Vaseline and put it into the smaller container. 

2. Scrap some of your eyeshadow and put it into the smaller container.

3. Mix it all up. Use your smaller spoon and make sure you mix everything up all together.

It's that simple and your all done!! All you have to do is just apply them on your lips. And your done!! Easy huh?? I plan to do this as gifts in future. :)