Langkawi Bike Week

What a long weekend. And goodness.. How tiring was the trip. Currently blogging to you from the comforts of Park Regis Hotel in Singapore. I am not going to blog about Singapore, maybe in the later blog. However this blog I will mention about my most recent trip last weekend to Langkawi for the Bike Week. It was exhausting, drenched out every single energy I had in me.. Completely KO-ed at the end of the day.

Left on Thursday night. We made a Pit Stop at Bukit Mertajam. Stayed at the 'Heng Hotel' (Tek Nam's house) The thing that I love about going for Harley Rides is that when we stay together, we all end up sleeping together too. (Not in any dirty minded way you guys have) But all of us will just make ourselves comfortable in the hall and knock out.. Rides can get pretty exhausting. Next morning, we wanted to challenge ourselves and woke up really early and continued our journey to Langkawi. 

Upon reacing Kuala Kedah jetty, I nearly died of a heart attack. The whole place was packed, ferry tickets were sold out and the next ferry out was 4 hours later. (And FYI, they had a jetty every hour!! You can imagine how packed Langkawi was!!) It seemed as if half of Kedah folks were heading to Langkawi or something. You'd think being human we would have some sort of morality, the whole trip made me realize there is NO SUCH THING as morality. At the jetty, there were sooooo many people shouting at each other, pushing and shoving to run to the jetty. I mean come on. We all have to always line up in a proper way and head in the ferry. This was ridiculous.. They were soooo afraid to loose their seats or something. Like come on la idiots!! We have seating numbers la!! *ugh*

We checked into Meridus Pelangi Beach Resort. Let me just say, it was such a gorgeous and peaceful hotel. All you families out there.. if you want a nice resort where you can leave your kids and get your much needed R&R Meridus Pelangi is the place to be!! It is extremely beautiful, located right next to Cenang Beach, the whole place is heaven. We stayed at the Pool Villas, so from our room we could walk straight out to the pool. 

My husband absolutely felt like a kid all of a sudden and he went crazy with the kids too. I didn't manage to take loads of pictures. But feel free to view my Instagram account to see more pictures. 

(NOTE: Readers be warned that there will be loads of vain posts from here onwards. If you do not want to read more.. LEAVE NOW!! You have been warned!!)

Day 1 (Friday) Upon arrival, the first thing we did was just chill out at the pool. It was absolutely relaxing to be able to just relax at the pool, sip on some cocktails and just relax.

This was my outfit the whole day. Top: Kitschen / Shorts: Marks & Spencer (With a little DIY turning it into shorts. They were actually my old jeans that were too loose.) / Sandals: Havaiians. Bracelet: Bijoux Jewelry / Watch: Guess)

 And this was my hair for the day. Made 3 knots. *click here to learn how to get this hairstyle* We were supposed to go out to chill at a bar.. But we were all exhausted.

Day 2. (Saturday) A day of tanning, and a nice relaxing body massage. Got up early just to have breakfast changed and chilled by the pool got myself a nice tan if I may say so.

This was my outfit the whole day. Top: Kitschen / Shorts: Same one. (Why should I pack that much pants?!)

And for the hairdo. I did the high messy bun. *click here to learn how to get the messy bun effect* Really easy hairdo if you ask me.

Lunch time came in a blink of an eye. Spent to much time tanning and sipping on Mojitos with Pheona and gossiping. We went to Bon Ton Restaurant to eat. That place is such a heaven!! And the desserts are really to DIE FOR!! I ordered the chocolate plate, and the only reason why I am featuring it on the blog is because..... I swear I had orgasms in my mouth after eating this whole plate and I didn't want to share at all!!

Then came the part that I was looking forward to. A nice body massage at Alun Alun Spa. The massage that they give you there.... My body felt sooooooo relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage. 

Day 3 (Sunday) Time to head home. Worst decision we ever made to go Langkawi on a school holiday, moreover a ride??!!  We started the day early because we just wanted to go home all of us were exausted!! Drenched!! We left the hotel early, planned to head to Bukit Mertajam for lunch.

Of course, the long weekend would mean.. only 1 thing. Traffic Jam. It was soooooooooooooo BAD!! At the same time, Kuala Kedah had high tide the night before and some cars were stranded.

Just look at the sea water!!  Subash's car went ahead trying to clear the road for us. We ended up at Bukit Mertajam for lunch at 3. (Pictures on Instagram account) And the the nightmare began... We were stuck.

In this massive jam. From Penang to KL. It normally took us about 3 hours or 4 max. This time.. The journey took 6 hours. It was sooooooooooooooo tiring. By the time Le Hulk Hubster and I reached home. We both died on the bed.

Not saying it was a bad week, we did have our fair share at the trip. But of course, it could have been better if it wasn't for the jam. (And a fight) Oh and I said my goodbyes in Langkawi, I have decided I should let 'it' go by now. Somethings are just NOT MEANT TO BE.