Nail Tutorial: Spring Fling

I will be heading off to the beach in a couple of days. Cannot wait to finally head to Langkawi and take a much needed break. And to mark the excitement I decided to paint my nails this week vibrant to make it look a little summer-ish but flowers la.. So spring la. LOL. I is confused. -.-'' Oh and FYI I got this nail tutorial from Robin Moses. She is amazing!! She posts a lot of tutorial on YouTube. I will share the link later below.

1. Base Coat
- Again, very important.

2. Base Color
- I want this to last quite a while and knowing that I will be at the pool and beach more I bet you my polish will go off faster. So a clear sparkly base color would do just fine.

3. Flower Petals
- I used acrylic paint and a dotting tool to draw the petals.

 4. Yellow Dots
- Using the dotting tool, dot on the middle part of the flower after you are happy with the design.

5. Green Leaves
- Using the dotting tool, you want to slowly draw the leaves near the flowers. Just fill it in.

6. Top Coat
- To protect your beautiful and colorful nail art.

 Oh and as I promised. Robin Moses video tutorial. Maybe after watching this it would be easier for you folks to do this same nail art. :)