Nail Tutorial: Stripes and Silver Bling

Every week I tend to change my nails. So this week I missed two updates.. So there will be 2 tutorials.

1. Base Coat
- I cannot stress how important it is to apply the base coat, not only it keeps your nails healthy and it also gives you smooth surface to work on.

2. Base Color
- Because it has to be something like a French Nails, I decided a plain sparkly background.

3. White Tips
- Like any french nails, you want to polish on white tips.

4. Black Stipes
- I used black acrylic paint to paint the stripes. I know my lines are not straight, I need to practice a lot. Striping..

 5. Bling It On
- Now apply on the blings, use your dotting tool and apply the blings.

6. Top Coat
- The top coat helps to protect the blings from coming out. So don't you dare forget the top coat!

 Give it about 10 - 15 minutes to dry up and your done!!