The Adventures of Clare in Singapore. (Park Regis Hotel)

Greetings from Singapore everyone. Will be here for the next 4 days while Le Hulk Hubster works, I enjoy my little getaway. (Langkawi just was not pleasing at all!) 


Le Hulk Hubster is actually here for his usual business meetings and presentations, I however am here for a "break". We decided to check into the new hotel at Merchant Road by the name of Park Regis Hotel. (NOT ST REGIS!) Small and homey, and they really have nice and friendly staff. Le Hulk Hubster decided to check in here instead of the other usual hotel we used to stay in and fell in love with this place immediately!! 

The room does not have an awesome view but the fact that there is sunlight coming in and a reading corner made me happy. (FYI, I am not sharing a room wit le hulk hubster thus the single bed.) As you can see from the photo, the toilet is nearby. I didn't bother taking the toilet because you get to see the picture later on.

They do however have an amazing swimming pool!! And a pool bar!! You could literally sit in the pool and enjoy the tanning at the same time.

Today I went on a little adventure, while le hulk hubster and gang were away for meeting.. I decided to walk around near the hotel to find where the shopping malls were and try to get my location right. (Get my bearings sorted) I walked all around Clarke Quay to River Valley. Sooooo much fun exploring on your own sometimes!! 


Today's little fashion went a bit wrong because I was just tooooo lazy to dress up. Maybe tomorrow. :) *peace* 
Top: From Korea / Tights: From Australia/ Sandals: Clarks/ Watch: Tag Heuer / Bracelet: Pandora & Diva. 
My hairdo, as usual, keeping it simple the messy bun as always. :) My previous blog has links on how to get that hair.. If not.. *click here*

Today I fell in love with Parkroyal's beautiful building. Wonder what I will find tomorrow. For today, I came back with a bag load full of Hello Kitty merchandises for the bestie. Even Louise asked me.. "Why suddenly you like pink??" Hahahahaha.

Dinner, we all wanted to head over to Orchard Road's Paragon for some shopping. We totally forgot that all shops closes at 9pm. (*hmmmmm* I wish they had longer shopping hours.) So we decided to head for dinner. Call me "kampung" or whatever but why is it Fish & Co in Singapore tastes soooooo much better??!!

This dish to die for was the garlic and butter muscles.... *slurp* (Louise finished the whole lot.... Nah, me and Affendi had a fair share.)

And I had to order myself this really HHHUUUGGGEEEE Seafood Platter.. All because Affendi said it was good. I am soooooooo bloated right now that I should not even sleep..

 Haih.... Wonder what Singapore holds for me tomorrow. Till tomorrow then!!