The Adventures of Clare in Singapore Day 2 (Rain Rain Go Away)

The weather was not on my side today. *sigh* Today was a lazy day and I didn't get to go out much at all because of the rain.. *double sigh* So much for exploring on my own. 

Woke up early to have breakfast with Le Hulk Hubster, Mr Editor (Affandi) and Louise. Breakfast at Park Regis Hotel is A-AH-MM-AA-ZZ-ING!! There were soooooo many choices. *slurp* But I wanted simple breakfast.

Lunch today was nearby due to the rain. 3 minutes  walk at this Italian Restaurant. I know I promised you guys that I will take loads of pictures.. But I always forget. *forgive me* The food was ok.. But portion was HUGE!! 

Today's Outfit Of The Day was something comfy and easy for me. Top: I can't even remember where it's from anymore / Tights: Nichii / Sandals: Clarks / Watch: Tag Heuer / Bracelet: Pandora / Earrings: From Korea / Belt: Nichii

 Hair for today was very simple bun. Wanted to keep my hair up in case I sweat. To get this hair do.. *clickety here* (See my hair is waaaaaay shorter than the girl in the link. So of course, mine looks smaller compared to hers. )

Today's make up of the day is a simple make up that I do almost everyday. Simplicity at it's best. :) I cannot believe that I used to not know how to wear make up at all.. Look at me today. O.O

The weather was just driving me insane. I was forced to stay indoors the whole day. Well, not the whole day... Half the day. Was good to catch up on the sleep tho.. 

Here comes the usual vain posts... *readers be warned* 

Tomorrow is a brand new day. I mean in a couple of hours it's a brand new day. So far, Le Hulk Hubster said tomorrow we might be able to explore Bugis or Far East. Let's see what plans are.. Till tomorrow.