The Adventures of Clare in Singapore Day 3 (Last Day to go shopping crazy!!)

Last day in Singapore... And it is time to shop till I drop. And I literally dropped. HAH! (I made myself laugh *lame*) 

I decided to make full use of my whole day. So started early. Today's Outfit of the day was simple. Again, I didn't want to dress up to go shopping the WHOLE day. Top: Blook/ Tights: Marks and Spencers/ Sandals: Clarks/ Watch: Tag Heuer / Bracelet: Pandora


Had breakfast with Le Hulk Hubster before he headed off for work. I can't remember where we ended up in, but I know it is near Chinatown. Le Hulk Hubster and I just walked in this small little kopitiam to eat breakfast. And boy do they have the best kaya toast ever!!

Le Hulk Hubster went to work and I ended up walking around. Somehow, exploring Singapore made me end up in the small little Chinatown and I went shopping crazy. It's something like Petaling Street here in Malaysia. But they had the Tintin shop. (Which I didn't get to enter because they were closed.) Anyways, walking the whole place.. I ended up buying a heck load of clothes. Hahahaha 3 pieces for $S65. 

Readers Be Warned: There will be a lot of vain clothes starting now. 

I got this Tribal looking blouse. 

 I have always wanted to wear a whole jumper suit but I could never find a perfect one that fit my whole huge big 'Jeniffer Lopez Ass' in. But, I manage to find a really totally awesome one and I am loving it.

I have always wanted to see how my skin tone would match neon colored clothes. And I found this really beautiful Neon Yellow dress and immediately fell in love. You can always rely on a Neon colored top to stand out. :) 

Lunch time came in a blink of and eye, I decided to head over to Bugis Junction to continue on with my shopping spree. But before the shopping spree began, it was lunch time.

And this was what I had for lunch. A big bowl of Kimchi Udon in a Japanese Restaurant. Ok.. So the bowl looks big.. But it was enough to recharge my battery for more shopping.

Ever since Langkawi, Le Hulk Hubster has been saying that he wants to buy a G Shock. *sigh* He has more watches than I do.. I don't know why but the 'Riders' recently started a G Shock craze.. *sigh* Anyways, Bugis Junction was the best place to buy G Shock. They had sooooooo many choices!!

I couldn't even decide which one to get for Le Hulk Hubster. But after hours and hours of looking through.. I ended up getting him this Limited Edition 30th Anniversary watch. 

After getting the watch, I continued on my shopping craze.. I ended up with a heavier bag home tho. 

One of my most favorite purchase was my studded hairband. Now Le Hulk Hubster cannot pat my head anymore!! *Muahahahahahahha*

 Ended up back at the hotel about 4. Had a nice tea time and rest and relaxation at the pool. And night time, I got to visit my littlest cousin Edward. :) Could not take a picture with him because I was caught up with gossiping with my Uncle and Grand Aunty.

Oh and ended the night with Lychee Martini.

I honestly had a great trip in Singapore. While Le Hulk Hubster was at work.. I ended up walking around alone and meeting up with family and friends. *sigh* Next time Singapore, I shall be back.. Fore more adventures.. Thank you for being awesome!!