Art Of Speed 2013

Sorry this post took sooooo long. Been busy with work lately. After tomorrow I hope I have more time to update on the blog once again.

So Last Saturday. Le Hulk Hubster and I (together with the rest of the Beautiful Machines gang) joined the Art Of Speed 2013. We opened a booth there. Started the day with a lot of enthusiasm, ended the day knowing my husband will fight for me.. (Continue one to know the full story.) 

Started off early in the morning with a Breakfast ride.. We somehow ended up in a small little mamak.

After the breakfast we headed off to Citta Mall to set up the booth. FYI. Beautiful Machines opened a booth there in case ya'll didn't see us or something. In collaboration with Pestle & Mortar we were also selling some really cool t-shirts.

Anyways, almost every year we join the Art of Speed event. This was like our 2nd year. And to be honest, Art Of Speed always hosts the best events ever.. (comparing it with KL Bike Week) They have very entertaining singers including Malaysia's Jimi Hendrix. Dude is totally AWESOME!!

 They also have the most amazing booths. Of course, one of them was Beautiful Machines.

Anyway, at our booth.. We were giving away free ice cream and selling Pestle & Mortar t-shirts also.. (Like I mentioned before) We were displaying our bikes. FYI. Our free ice cream were not like normal ice cream.. They were all homemade Gelato ice creams. And they were extremely delicious!! I served loads of ice cream that day... Any of you got free ice cream from me??? Hehehheheheh...

Anyways, in a blink of the eye the booth was filled with customers.

 Oh and the best part yet. 2 of Beautiful Machine Bikes were on a competition.. See the monster and a new custom made bike. 

While exploring around the whole area I saw bubbles everywhere. Sooooo beautiful. 

Ram towards the bubbles like a child. Sabrina next to me getting all excited with bursting the bubbles... And the next thing you know I see Ling Ling playing with bubbles. Haha. Great minds think alike. 

We were there the whole day.. Till night actually. And we were the only booth giving out free beer. And ice cream. The part I enjoyed most was when people closest to you come and pay you a visit. Makes it extra special don't you think? 

Anyways, the day ended well until the drunkards arrived. Not trying to poke if or make things worst. But if you know you get drunk easily and talk c**k please la don't both leaving the house. And if you get drunk easily and start offending other people's spruces or fiancé, please know that you will get a slap or a punch across your f**ked up face. Le Hulk Hubster nearly got into a fight with this drunkard retard because he was wayyyyyy beyond control and disturbed me. See kids, don't drink and think you are king of the world. Other people might hate you and punch your fugly face.

Thank you to everyone who paid us a visit. Thank you to all the Beautiful Machines customers. Thank you everyone for making it extra special for us.