Food Review: Simple Life (Vegetarian)

Late post once again. I always have to look through my camera to find pictures of things I should blog about. *sigh* Lazy Me. 

So few weeks back, Le Aunties and Le cousins went out for lunch. We wanted to have something simple and healthy. So we decided to try this place called Simple Life at SS2 mall. It was a vegetarian restaurant. And what a cute dainty place it was! The food was amazing!!! Except the staff.. We'll get to that later.

The place itself is small and very home-y. Oh and most importantly they even have organic fresh fruit juices!! *slurp* 

Le Aunt Sophia ordered this dish. Which I cannot remember what it was called. Look at all the beautiful vegetarian condiments in the bowl. And they even served it with healthy brown rice!! The only crappy part was we waited for 30 minutes for the soup to be served. Because according to the staff working there.. "We need to boil the soup for you first." What??!! I thought you served the soup together and boil together with all these condiments.. *confused*

I ordered the vegetarian tom yam. Which was sooooooooo delicious!! I had a bad runny nose that day and eating this instantly stopped my nose drips.

Le Aunt Joyce ordered the ginger herb soup noodles. The smell of the food was soooooo amazing!

Le cousin sisters decided to opt for healthy sandwich.  Just look how yummy that looks!!

The only thing that was disappointing was the staff. They were very rude and unpleasant. We asked for a some chili sauce, they gave us tomato sauce. And when we returned the tomato sauce to give us chili sauce. One of the staff started talking and cursing us in Tagalok. The soup took 30 minutes to arrive. They started cursing us as usual when we asked where the soup was. And when we asked for extra plates they started cursing again.. *sigh* Such a lovely restaurant that serves delicious food. But such a crappy service.

Food Rating: 5/5
Service: 0/5

If you want to find out more about Simple Life. *Clickety Here*