Hazey Days.

For the past few days, the haze arrived in Malaysia. It was bad. I had uncountable asthma attacks, sooooooo bloddy annoying. So le aunties all suggested I make herbal drinks to calm my body heat. 

Surprisingly, it worked. And I wanted to share the remedy. :) Well, I did not fall sick as often after and of course, prevention also helped. 

1. In the morning. 

- Make yourself chrysanthemum drink. All you need is a handful of dried chrysanthemum, handful of rock sugar and 2 slices of ginger. 
- Boil for 10 minutes and your done. 

2. In the evening.
- Boil yourself homemade barley. All you need is a handful of barley, handful of rock sugar, few slices of ginger and some pandan leaves. 

My kindie was closed for the past 2 days. On Wednesday, all my kids came to school with masks on. How cute!!

I was really happy that the weather has slowly changed. So far, today's PSI is 68. Which is considered moderate.. :) I finally see blue skies!! *Joy & Happiness*