Nail Tutorial: Despicable Me 2

Few Years back I did my first ever Despicable Me "Minion" nail art. And since Depicable Me 2 came out, I decided to re-do my new minions. This time, my minions are really looking like the cute little minions. :) *proud achievement* 

1. Base Coat. 
I am using OPI's base coat. I cannot stress how important the base coat is! So please make sure you use it!

2. Yellow Base Color.
Here I am using OPI's 'The "It" Color'. 

3. Blue Tip.
 Just like how you paint on your french nails. Just paint on the blue tip instead.

4. Grey Goggles.
Using your dotting tool or a toothpick. Here I used my hair pin. :) I just could not find my dotting tool. Dot on 2 grey circles. Here in this picture, I made a mistake which I corrected later on. You want to make sure you dot both the circles closer.

5. Black Lines
I used a toothpick and drew some minion hair, the mouth and strap for the goggles. The little minions have a lot of different expressions so you really want to draw on different kind of looks.

6. White Eye Balls
Using my hair pin, on top of the grey I dotted on the little eye balls.

7. Red Tongue and teeth. 
To add a little more expressions, some of my minions had tongues and teeth. :)

8. Last Dots.
Using the black color. Dot on the eyes.

9. Top Coat
To keep your nail art for a long time. Make sure you apply top coat to protect it. And your done!!

Just in case you guys have not seen the trailer. Here it is.

Enjoy the movie!!