Nail Tutorial: Monsters University

Monsters Inc is back!! Finally Pixar and Disney brings back Monster's University! I cannot wait to watch this movie with Le Familia. 

1st. Base Coat
- I am trying out Revlon's Base & Top Coat. My dry skin is getting bad. I think I am allergic to my soap detergent. *sigh* Every night I have to apply my moisturizer... I hope it gets better FAST!! 

2. Base Color
- Now I chose colors of the 2 main color. Of course, white being the common color. I will decorate that later on.. You shall see. :)

3. Draw on letter M and dot on some eyeballs. I know I should show you guys a step by step guide.. But you guys know how it goes right. FYI! I am not a pro at this!!

4. Draw on Mike Wazowski & Sculley. I found some images on google. And I copied some of them cause they are just sooooo cute.

5. Always apply the top coat! And your done!!

Tell me how your Monster University went!! Oh and do let me know how University was for you. Or how you dream it would be. :)