The Story of Calissi.. (Recued Dog)

This is a story about Calissi the Silky Terrier. 

On 21st June 2013, I got a call from my husband asking if we could adopt a dog. All I knew about this dog from our phone conversation was that she had a tumor and needed special care. My husband and I love animals, especially dogs. We wanted to adopt a cute little dog but never had the chance to. Somehow, it felt like a blessing in disguise when the opportunity came to care for this little dog. 

Later in the afternoon my husbands colleague picked the dog up and took her to a vet at section 17 called Phileos Vet. They checked her and said her tumor was small and could be easily removed. But she was vomiting and was unwell so the vet said that she could not be operated just yet and advised that we take her home and give her loads of attention and care and make sure she gets back to good health then only was she allowed to have the surgery. They took some blood from her for a blood test and gave her a little bit of drips and sent her off. All the vet told us was to let her drink sips of water.

So, that was how she came to me in the end. I prepared my home bought all the necessities for her and was so happy to have her. Surprisingly, immediately she bonded with me. She was really weak and was having really heavy breathing, but she still walked around the house and followed me everywhere I went. I decided to name her Calissi. I was watching too much Game Of Thrones, and I know this is not the proper spelling.. But I wanted to name her after a strong women. (In a movie role, it still counts!) This was the first picture I took of Calissi..

I decided to feed her, bought her premier dog food but she refused to eat. I even steamed chicken for her and again.. She just refused to eat it.. I was so worried. I could not give her loads of water to drink but she seemed thirsty and dehydrated. But each time she sipped on the drinks she would vomit. And I was worried because she was vomiting none stop. She did not poop or pee at all. But in her weak state, whenever I got up from the couch she would get up and follow me wherever I went. Even when I went to the toilet, she waited right outside the door for me. I started to get sooo attached to Calissi, she reminded me so much of my old dog that passed many years back.

Towards the evening, I get a message at 7.30pm from my husbands colleague. She said the Vet from Section 17 sent her a message stating that Calissi's sugar level was sky high and needed an insulin jab immediately! (This basically meant that Calissi was suffering from diabetes.) We would have sent Calissi back to Section 17 vet.. But the vet was closed then. And said "could not do anything". Immediately, my husband and I had to rush her to a vet at Jalan Gasing called Gasing Veterinary Hospital. They have a 24 hour on call vet and that was what we did.

When the vet arrived. We explained everything to the doctor even showed her a Whatsapp image of the results that the Section 17 vet sent. And that vet explained to us saying that you cannot simply jab insulin on a dog without having proper observation. Also, you should never give insulin jab at night. I was soooooo annoyed at the Phileos Vet. All this while, they were giving us false news. They had no idea what they were doing. And we could not do anything to save Calissi then and there! At the same time, even the vet at Gasing Veterinary asked how could the other vets allow Calissi out without doing a proper research!! I was furious and I told my husband to approach another vet! I had no choice but to take Calissi home and try my hardest to give her whatever attention she needed.

Throughout the night, my husband and I took turns waking up in the middle of the night to check and make sure Calissi was alright. Her breathing started to get very heavy and she was still vomiting. The next morning, my husband and I took her to Yeoh Veterinary Clinic & Surgery at 9.30am.

Dr. Tan who was in charge and after we told him about Calissi. He immediately did a lot of checks on her. We found out that Calissi was 11/12. He told us that she had very high Sugar level. She had fever. Her white blood cells were too much. Also she had Memory Gland Tumor. Her heart and lungs were enlarged. He also mentioned that he will try his very best to save her but told us not to have any high hopes because of her age and her symptoms. He told us to leave Calissi there with him so that he could do a proper observation and told us he would do his very best to save her. I started tearing upon hearing how this poor girl was already suffering. How could 1 small dog have sooo much pain but still hang on? How could her previous owner leave her at this condition and let her suffer?

I was angry and sad at the same time. I prayed so hard that God will do whatever he can to protect Calissi. I just wanted her home with me. Every 2 hours we got phone calls from Dr. Tan to keep us updated on Calissi. Then at 5.30 pm.. the most painful phone call came. Dr. Tan advised us to rush over because Calissi's small little body was shutting down and she just could not take it anymore.

Husband and I rushed to the vet. On our way there, I was already in tears. I could not bare to loose her. I ran straight in to see Calissi, seeing her body there.. Hearing her taking deep breathes.. Hearing her whine.. It was so painful. I just started crying and crying. I kept apologizing for not being able to help her more.. I just don't know what to do. We were there till she finally stopped breathing. It was sooooo painful to see her lifeless body lying down there. But somehow, it felt good to know that she will no longer be in pain.

Reasons why I wanted to post this.

1. Dear pet owners. Please make sure you are prepared to love and care for your pet until the end of time. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET WHEN THEY ARE TOO HARD TO HANDLE OR TOO EXPENSIVE. Because if you could afford to keep that pet for so long and yet let her loose because of her condition is really inhumane!

2. If you find out that your pet has tumor please do not leave them. How would you like it if when you are old and find out you have cancer or tumor and you were left out in the streets to survive?!

3. NEVER GIVE YOUR DOGS CHOCOLATES!! COME ON!! How dumb can you be??!!

4. Phileos Veterinary needs to buck up. My aunt sent her dogs there and they never did a proper check up with her dogs and 1 even died because they did not give the 'right amount of medication'. I honestly think they really do not know what the heck they are doing at all!!

5. I would like to thank Dr. Tan and the team at Yeoh's Veterinary Clinic and surgery for doing their very best for Calissi. It did ease me a little knowing that they tried their very best.