#theycallmeteacherclare: Sleepy Baby.

As many of you know, I became a kindergarten teacher last year. I have never blogged about my work before. I think I should. I mean, where else can I share the cuteness of my little munchkins. So lately, I seem to be struggling with the younger children from time to time. Their ultimate cuteness seem to be my biggest weakness. I can never get mad at them.

Little C was soooooooo cute, he has a habit of falling asleep in class. I can't get mad at him because he is so young and kids his age always need a certain amount of time to rest. He falls asleep in class once in a while and he gets pretty cranky when he is restless. But my kids understand that when anybody is tired all they have to do is ask for the mattress and to the bed they go.. to get some much needed R&R. They actually have a R&R corner, but when it is time to wake up.. They get up immediately after calling their name twice. I only allow my younger kids to sleep in class. The older ones, I always allow them 5 minutes in the reading corner and then back to work. And if they really get toooooo tired. I let them take a power nap. (Oh and I love taking pictures of them when they sleep.)