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Yes, I know my wedding was 7 months ago. I promised to post blogs on the wedding details. So here are the late blog posts. Again. Do forgive me for being late. So today's blog post is going to be about... WEDDING DRESSES!! 

Months before the wedding I was freaking out. I had no idea what sort of dress would fit me, I had to choose 3 different kind of dresses for the wedding.. I was literally loosing my head when it came to the dress. I mean we all want to look our best on our biggest day in our lives right? (Not including my husband.. Jeans and a shirt are his best dress.)

The 1st step you need to know. Is what kind of body shape you have. Everybody has a different kind of body shape, you need to know what kind of shape your body is. (Mine was the Hourglass shape, yeah being plus sized I still had an hour glass body.)

The 2nd step you need to know is what kind of dress would look good on you, and what kind of dress you want. There are many kind of wedding dresses, as shown below. There was waaaayyyyy more choices, but here are just a few examples.

My Wedding Planner Lane, introduced me to this very amazing wedding dress designer from My Bridal Gown. Her name was Daphne. Dapne was sooooo friendly. And she immediately knew what was my body shape and she also knew what kind of dress would fit me best. Because of my love for mermaids.. She made a 1 of a kind dress for me. A-Line with Trumpet and a little bit of mermaid cut. What cut would that be?? *hmmmmmm* The T-trum-maid cut. Hahahahahahah. 

She drew out a replica of the dress, showed me photos and even showed me what kind of lace would fit, what kind of white would go with me.. For my dress, my only worry was I needed to wear it twice. Once in church and one more time for the Ipoh Ceremony. My concern was also that I did not want to wear a sleeveless dress. (Because coming from a 'holy' family, it was looked down upon) And at the same time I wanted to add a hint of blue to the dress because I just love blue. So finally when we have made a decision, it was time for Daphne and her team to get started with my dress. 

At the same time, I started scouting for a Kua. In case you guys don't know what a kua is. Chinese customs during the tea ceremony the bride has to wear red with gold threads or something. Red always represents prosperity in Chinese believes. I decided to rent the Kua instead because I would not wear it that many times. Searching for the Kua really killed me. I was bigger then, and plus sized. It was hard to look for my dress. -.-'' Went all the way to SS2. Walked in few bridal shops only to get  upset and defeated. But then about 8.30pm before all the bridal shop closes.. There was this one shop that caught my eye. Wedding Couture Malaysia. We walked in and asked to try out few kuas and this one fit perfectly. Immediately paid for the rental and there.. I had my kua sorted. (Below is the picture of the beautiful Kua)

 Few months passed, I got a call from Lane telling me to that my dress was ready to be tried on. I was sooooooooooo excited and immediately made an appointment. Walking in My Bridal Gown, i was freaking out. I couldn't wait to try my dress. When I walked in Daphne immediately walked over to the rack and pulled out my dress. I could not believe my eyes! IT WAS GORGEOUS!! It was exactly what I wanted and it fit perfectly. I ran into the changing room, changed and walked out. Le Aunt Joyce was with me at that time.. She started tearing and I started tearing. The dress was extremely perfect in so many ways!! The lace was gorgeous, and to add on a little bit of bling. They hand sewed on some sequence onto the dress. Here's a close up of the dress on wedding day.

As a bride, you have to fall in love with the dress. Not just think it looks pretty or good on you. Sometimes, things may not seem to be the best choice. Always have faith and trust in your wedding designer. They can always bring the best out of you. I had so much faith and confidence in Daphne and her team and I cannot express how thankful I am to have her make such a big part of me in my wedding. The dress.

Everything about that dress to me was sooooooo amazing and beautiful. The train, the lace, the bling, the colors and that small little bolero. Perfection.

After the whole hassle with the wedding dress came the stress with the reception dress. I wonder why us as asians must choose so many different kind of dresses on our wedding day. *hmmmm* I actually wanted to wear my white dress. But because the whole theme for the reception was Bollywood. And knowing I LOVE BLING. Why not go all out??

My reception wedding dress was a gift from my in laws. It was customary in Sikh tradition that the in laws give the girls materials to make her Punjabi Suits but in my case I wanted a Saree. (But I did get like 5 more suits from my in laws.) Shopping for the Saree material was extremely fun because I got to see all the different kind of blingy sarees. This certain saree dress was soooo unique, it was nude and purple color and had the grandest blings to compliment the dress. Once I tried it on, my mom in law immediately said that would be the perfect dress to wear to the reception. So she got that for me.

After months of sending it to the tailor, the dress ended up coming out gorgeous!! I loved it. FYI it was 2.5kg so the whole night I was basically lifting weights. :)

Dear Brides to be, take your time deciding on what dress you want. Do some research, figure out what you really want. At the end of the day have faith in your wedding designer they will always want the best for you. And if you guys would want your own custom made dresses why not visit Daphne? Details below.

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