7 Day Blog Challenge: Favourite Make Up Brand.

Woohoo!! Day 3 of the 7 day blog challenge! Not bad! Day 3, and I am already scratching my head for ideas... *curses* Anyways, today.. it shall be...

What is your favourite make up brand? As you can see, this whole box of mine is filled with make up that I use. Yes, I use that whole load of stuff for my face. I need to find a better way to organise my make up set. 

To be honest, I do not have a certain favourite make up brand. I use all sorts as you can see from my make up set. BUT.. If I had to choose, I have chosen these 2 choices.

1. Bobbi Brown.

I have been using Bobbi Brown for about 4 years now. And you can never go wrong with Bobbi Brown. I love that they have shades of colour for your skin. And their gel eyeliner is my most favourite product of all. They just somehow lasts extra long even when you cry.

2. The Balm.

I got to know about this product from a friend and to be honest. I was very impressed with the products that they have. Their shades of eye palettes are really interesting. I am pretty tan, and sometimes to find that right shade of blush and all is such a torture. Also, I am in love with their face primer and concealer. Just everything about The Balm is amazing. 

These 2 are my favourite make up brand so far. Share with me what your favourite make up brands are! I would love to hear them.