7 Day Blog Challenge : Who is Your Fashion / Style Icon?

My Birthday is coming in a week! So to countdown my big day I decided to have a 7 day blog beauty challenge. And it begins today!!!! So countdown along with me and get to know more about me at the same time.  

So today, the 1st challenge today is to blog about who my fashion / style icon is. 

This may sound very fan base craziness. But my style icon has always been Beyonce. I have loved her since the days she was in Destiny's Child and continued loving her when she became Queen B. Please don't tell me you never looked up to a celebrity! That would be a lie! Come on! *pfft*

When Beyonce started out in Destiny's Child, her fashion was like a fashion mayhem. I mean, they were always colour co-ordinated or wearing the same piece of material. I always thought that style was interesting because well.. Beyonce did it. I know, looking back at these pictures you might think "OH GOD WHY?!" But hey, back then.. This was an in thing! 

As Beyonce stepped out on her own. Her image started to change along with it. Her beauty started to get very personal and her own style she started to bring out her own diva-ness in her. And it shows all the time when she is on stage! Women can pull of really amazing looks!! On stage, she portrayed this confident women. She didn't give a damn what the paparazzi would say about her. She went on stage each time and became the strongest women ever. All eyes on her and she knows it! Rocking every single performance with a bang! 

When Beyonce got pregnant it was such an exciting news! The way she announced her pregnancy was just beyond words! The only diva who knows how to announce it. And again, even when she is pregnant and all huge.. DAMN! She made it look gorgeous! See when your pregnant, you feel ugly, you feel fat. But she! She made it look extremely gorgeous from head to toe! I doubt when I get pregnant I will look like that!

After Blue Ivy Carter came out, within months.. Beyonce lost all the baby fat and became a hot mama once again! When you become a mother, you struggle with getting ready. Yes, I know she would obviously get help and all. But Beyonce was an image of a humble mother heading out for walks with her baby. She could care less about her hair and make up but still looked gorgeous in her own way.

Beyonce is a very busy women. She flies to every single country out there. She moves up and down, she is a mother, a wife, an actress, a singer and Queen B. But it amazes me how she can look really damn good when she is dressed up and casual out and about. You guys judge for yourself! 

To be honest, when I was young I wanted to experience a lot about make up, style and loads more. It was a growing process.  I mean just like Beyonce, look at her before pictures and after. She has definitely changed a lot as she grew as an artist. 

But one very important thing. The way I see it, beyonce has always taught women to be confident. You want to look good in something? You have to always have confidence in what you wear. Know your body and if you feel that you look good in it. Show it! And yes, this is why Beyonce is my fashion style icon.

Till the next 7 day blog challenge tomorrow!!