Bag of Love : July

Look what came in a package few days ago. Talk about efficiency. This time, it was heavy and full of loaded goods. 

Still can't guess what it is? Well it's my July Bag of Love!! And will you just look at the loaded goodies. 

Upon opening the bag, the first item to fall out was this cute lacey pink bag. One thing that I love about the bag of love is that they have the cutest bags which you can use them as travel bags later on. I have great future plans for this pink bag. 

In this pink bag there was the Aquamoist moisture washing foam from Juju's Cosmetics. This is a none scented washing foam and it leaves your skin extra moisture. And contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid. 

It also contained a nail polish called Polka Dots from Splash. It came in a Lavender purple. The polish seemed very smooth and easy to apply, but unfortunately the colour did not last that long. Maybe because I did a lot of house chores. And washed loads of extra stuff that week. Hah. 

In the bag, there was also a Mineral BB Cream called Frēshel from Kanebo. Let me just say that it is by far the most awesomess BB Cream ever! I swear it covered up my pores and red spots!

Then there was the L'oreal Oil Increase shampoo. Due to the fact that my hair is red now, I have not tried out this shampoo yet. So when I do.. I shall update you guys. :)

In the package there were 2 big boxes included. One of them is the Aloe Moistfull Skincare Kit from Etude House. There is the Moistful Aloe First Essence, Moistful Aloe Smoothing Skin, Moistful Aloe Soothing Lotion and lastly the Moistful Aloe Soothing Cream. The scent is very refreshing and light.

And the last small box is Chia Seed Special Kit from The Face Shop. It includes the Chia Seed Watery Toner, the Chia Seed Watery Lotion and the Chia Seed Moisture Holding Seed Cream. Chia Seeds are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Once again, receiving the Bag Of Love is like receiving presents from Santa Claus himself. Just that this Santa understands the women's needs for her beauty more. ;) HAH! Quickly, before August starts.. Order your Bag of Love now!!