July Mivva Box.

I am sooooooo excited!! I finally got hold of my Mivva Box from Mivva.com!! 

Just look at the amazing goodies in the box!! Immediately got onto the blog to let you guys know about it..

I have dry feet, and sometimes it is really hard to scrub off the dead skin cells especially on the heel area. Thank goodnesss I finally got this small little tiny free gift to scrub em dead cells away!!

This is Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensice Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion. I have pretty dry skin, and this product helped a lot to moisture my skin. I swear it lasted a whole day and my skin was feeling ever soooooo soft and nice till night fall. :)

And I also got the Elianto Ardour Shadow in Rampart Blue. This color was easy to apply on and it has a matte finish.

Now this is one heck of an interesting product. The Unico Eye Lip enriched cream. This cream helos to eliminate eye bags, dark eye circle, bulging, puffiness and fine lines. I have less dark circles now!! :)

I also got the Beutymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner. Again, I have dry skin. Applying toner is very very important as you age. =p As I age actually. This product helps to hydrate my skin and brightened up my skin.

And the last amazing product. Re-gen Oil. Afraid of looking old? Want to hide your scars? got dry skin.. well, this product is for you then!!

How amazing are these products right??!! Quickly order your Mivva box today!! NOW!! I can't wait to see the August box now.. :)