Lemon - beautification??!!

Did you know this yellow citrus fruit is actually good for you? It seems that ancient egyptians believed that when you drink lemon juice, it helps to protect yourself from poisons? Hmmmmm... Who knew??!! And believe or not.. Recently, with a lot of scientific research going on, it has proven to be true!! The lemon has Citric Asid which helps to cure acne. And it also contains a heck load of Vitamin C. 

So I decided to try 3 different ways to use a lemon and beautify yourself! 

To get more lemon juice. You want to roll your lemon on the table just to make it easier when you squeeze out the juice.

Here's the 1st Beauty Trick using the Lemon. This one is specially for all those beautiful ladies who have very dry skin and wish to have a healthier look.

1. Squeeze out half a lemon into a bowl. It's ok if the seeds fall in.

2. Add the same amount of Honey. Now honey is a big help when it comes to using it for facials. Honey is mild antiseptic, it helps to exfoliate the skin and holds in moisture onto your face.

3. Now add in the same amount of olive oil. Olive oil helps to smoothen out everything. Also, for those who have really sensitive skin. Olive oil helps to prevent your skin from getting allergy!

4. Stir everything up and just apply it all over your face. Leave it for about 5 - 15 minutes. Wash it all off with Lukewarm water. And your done!! You will notice immediately that your skin will have a very healthy glow. And lesser dry skin.

2nd Beauty Trick. As many of you know. Drinking Lemon Water helps with the weight loss. You see the lemon acid will help to stimulate the production of stomach acid and the activity of stomach muscles. Here's another drink other than water.

1. Make yourself a nice hot pot of green tea. Green Tea helps prevent cancer, also it is antioxidant and helps with weight loss.

2. Squeeze in a slice of lemon, mix it all together and have a nice relaxing cup of warm green lemon tea with a book.

Lastly, the 3rd Beauty Trick. This is how to make a nice lemon facial scrub. Very easy to do!! First, forgive me for the bad pictures below. Was in a hurry.

1. Add 2 spoons of brown sugar in a bowl. Use brown sugar. Brown sugar helps to scrub better. Normal white sugar just melts of way too fast.

2. Add in 2 spoons of honey. Honey is really really good for your skin. I love how my skin feels after every wash. I mostly use the pure honey. It's way better than the processed ones.

3. Squeeze in a small slice of lemon. Mix it all up. 

4. Apply it all over your skin. Make sure you give yourself a good facial scrub. Once your done. Wash it all off with lukewarm water and your done!!

Don't you love your beautiful skin now??!! Let me know how it worked out for you guys!! Till then I hope I can get more beauty tips soon! Hope this helped you out too!!