Nail Tutorial: Dreamcatcher

It's been a few weeks I have not posted any nail tutorial after my small incident with my finger. Anyways, few days back I caught up with a dear friend Mon Mon. Well then again, I was stuck at her salon for 12 hours. She is my amazing bridesmaid/makeup artist/hairstylist/friend/gossip partner. She suggested I try on the 'dreamcatcher' nail art. 

And because I do love dreamcatchers. I decided. Why not. 

So these are the tools needed. If you have a dotting tool you could use your dotting tools. But for this nail art I'll be using the toothpicks instead because of my short nails. You want to begin with applying the base coat to help protect your nails.

1. Striking colours.
I decided to only use 3 different kind of base colours to add a little bit of attention to the nails. On the ring finger, I painted it white as the base so that when I draw on the dreamcatcher, the attention is all there. Also on the 3rd finger, just stripes of the 3 used nail polish.

2. Using the black acrylic paint and my toothpick, draw an arch.

3. Draw a smaller arch inside. And some lines.

4. Draw on some triangles on the outer arch. Also draw 3 long string looking lines.

5. Using your dotting tool, and the blue polish. Dot on some 'beads'.

6. Used the orange nail polish to dot on some beats too.

7. Lastly the yellow bead.

8. Top Coat. And your done!!

How simple and easy right??!! Now, to my dear readers. I want to know what next nail art should I try. Also, if you tried this nail art.. Do share your photos with me!! Would love to see them!! Till the next tutorial!!