#theycallmeteacherclare : How to hold a pencil.

I had a new boy Little King few months back, he was only 2 and a half years old. This little one loved to color, but he did not know the proper way to hold a color pencil. He would grab the pencil and all 5 fingers will be wrapped on the pencil. 

I went on Pinterest to search for ways to help him perfect the proper way of holding a pencil. I stumbled upon a post that said to use old socks. 

The very next day, I took a pair of old socks to school, cut out 2 small holes on the top of the sock. I asked Little King to slip in his hands and pop his 2 tiny fingers in the hole. Using a rubber band, I showed him the right way to hold the pencil. I continued this for months, it was becoming a daily routine for Little KIng,

I know this seems a little cruel. But it worked!! Months later, he perfected the proper way to hold the pencil. So proud of his progress!!