Things In My Bag.

Do you put a lot of things in your bag? Do you carry too much things? Well I know I do. Even when my bag is small I seem to have a lot of things to carry. So today, was the day I cleaned up my handbag. And went through all my stuff that I have in my bag. 

Le Hulk Hubster got me this Coach bag for Christmas last year. I change my bag very often, but most of the time the same things that is in the bag is the same amount of junk going into my other bags.

I neatly put out all the junk from my bag. As you can see, even in my little small handbag I carry pretty much junk everywhere I go. Hah. But tell me you girls don't have all these stuff in your handbag too?! 

Of course the most important thing in my bag is the phone. I cannot live without my phone. Getting out of the house without my phone is a killer. I can't tweet, I can't instagram.. It would literally just ruin my whole day. 

Being a girlie girl, I carry along my hand lotion. I love the feeling of having clean and nice scented hands. So this small tube of hand lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn makes me feel extra girlier.

Many of you girls would be carrying lipstick, or lipgloss around. Don't lie now! I know we all do carry some sort of beauty make up essential along everywhere we go. Here I made my own lip balm / lip gloss / lipstick. Of course with my lip brush. Here's how to DIY your own lipgloss. *clickety here* 

Because I use my phone a lot I carry along this really slim battery pack. Why you ask, sometimes I forget to charge my phone and this battery pack really comes in handy. In case of emergency, at least I have a back up battery pack to save my life.

This next item works both ways for me. I love to sketch on my iPad and because I am always on the go I needed an ink pen just in case. Why carry 2 pens when you can carry 2 in 1 right? Here I have the iPad & Ink Pen. Absolutely love this pen because people never expect me to carry my own pen. 

Sunglasses are very important. To me. I have at least 5 pairs of sunglasses, and I use them almost everyday. 

This is my bag hook. It is something simple and easy for me to use. I hate to put my handbag on my lap and I hate to dangle it on the chair. So this handy handbag hook helps me hook my bag to the table allowing me to keep a close watch on my bag and carrying it on my behalf. 

Everyday I am out and about. Meeting people and getting to know more friends. I hate it when people have bad breathe, and of course I myself I have a phobia of having bad breathes. So I carry along my chewing gum. Recently I caught a nasty cough, thus explains why I am carrying my Fisherman Friends too.

Every girl MUST carry at least a pack of tissue!! I don't really have to explain the usage of a tissue.. But do carry along with you.

I love to read. Every time whenever I have some spare time I read. Currently I am obsessed with Jean Sasson's Princess. 

I carry my medication everywhere I go. My asthma pills, my Primrose Pills, Clarinese and also Panadol just in case.

Of course, we never leave home without our wallets right?? Now, not to brag.. But ladies we always want a wallet where we can throw in all our cards and cash and what nots right?? I bought myself this huge big Oroton Purse that can even fit my small phone!! Easy to carry around when shopping or heading out for a girlie night right?

And lastly, the most important package. My Mini iPad. I blog, social network loads so I carry this everywhere I go.. Le Hulk Hubster even got me a mini keypad.. Hehehe.. :)

So that's all the stuff and junk I carry in my bag. Tell me what you have in your bag and share with me! Would love to hear from you guys.