Wedding Blog: Traditions #patandclarewedding

Since it is Thursday. It's THROWBACK THURSDAY!! Weeeeeee.. I decided to blog about my wedding once again. Since I did not manage to fill up my whole blog with my wedding details. This time around, I would like to blog about Traditions when it comes to wedding. 

I am half Chinese and half Indian, my husband is a Sikh. We both have different customs and traditions that we need to follow. I was brought up by my Chinese grandparents so of course my Chinese roots was deeper. So it was a must that I kept hold of my Chinese traditions. At the same time, it was good that my husband decided to keep some of his traditions too. 

The day before our wedding, he had to do an oil ceremony. The oil ceremony represented cleansing of him, his mother had to clean him with 'kunyit' and oil and his sister in laws had to do the same. I could not attend that ceremony because the day before our wedding we were not allowed to talk or see each other. Only on the day itself. But modern technology I was able to see what he was getting himself into.  And it was really interesting. 

After being 'cleaned' by his mother and sisters. He had to shower, and after that shower.. His eldest uncle was supposed to carry him out. He had to be wrapped in a really colourful cloth and was being fed sweet rice by his nephews and nieces. And to 'beautify' himself for his bride, he's sisters were to draw eye liner on his eyes. 

This is Le Hulk Hubster and his niece. 

How? My husband looking like a rockstar here. Hahahahahah!! 

While he was having a great time. I was also having a great time with my friends and family. For the girls side, the day before the wedding. Her closest friends and family gather to plan out games. Theses games are to stop the grooms side from entering the house to claim the bride. Chinese custom. My 'sisters' had to prevent to grooms brothers from entering and taking the bride away. Some kind of resemblance as if the sisters are not willing to let you go or something. 

These are my dear sisters who came for some extra entertainment the night before. 

My aunt's house had to be decorated. Nothing black, everything red. Because I come from Ipoh, it was too far to journey back to Ipoh and then KL. So decided to use my Aunt's house as the bride's house. The groom has to pick the bride from the house. It was a custom. 

On the wedding day itself, it was such an exciting moment. My girls all started gathering really early to prepare the games and 'torture'. 

That's my dear bestie adding sooooo much sugar in a drink. God knows what drink they made. 

The guys on the other side were getting ready to be on their way. As a custom on his side. Le Hulk Hubster had to do a small prayer before he left the house. 

See, my girls had no idea they all came prepared. The men were just ready to take on any challenges. DAMN!! 

While everybody was preparing the games outside my room door. I was inside with my parents. Chinese tradition. My parents had to put on my veil and both of us were supposed to apologise for whatever things we have done. And to say thank you for everything. It was extra emotional for me. My mom also started to cry. 

Once that was done.. I could hear the harley's. The entourage arrived.. I was literally freaking out!! And it was a sure sign that the games has begun. I shall let the pictures do the talking. 

That's my dear bestie stopping all of em from entering. 

Let me just explain this game. The trick was to use only your mouth to pass a card to the last person. If they dropped the card. They had to start all over again. What fun!! 

After the church ceremony, it was customary for my husband to take me back to his house. There, we had another oil ceremony where his side of the family welcomes me in as a daughter in law. They did some prayers, and served me some sweet cakes. Then we had to sit on the chairs, with my brother in law next to me. You see in Sikh tradition. When the girls side of the family is being taken the girls family had to torture the other 'brother' my poor brother in law got it la.

There his side of the family would 'bless' us and give us money as a token of good luck. Even my brother in law gets it!! Hah! 

The Tea Ceremony. You see, in chinese customs tea ceremony is done during weddings or chinese new year. It is a time where they teach us to value our eldest. I even dressed in the chinese traditional 'kua' for the tea ceremony!! 

When serving tea to the parents, we had to kneel in front of them and greet them the right way and serve them tea. This was a sign of respect and love. Also, we would get red packet filled with money in return. It resembled parents giving their love to us. 

For the first time in my entire life. It was my turn to sit on the chair, and give out the red packets to the small ones. *sigh* Now every chinese new year I have to give out.. 

*Phew* What a loooooonnnnggggg blog post today. When it comes to marriage, I know many of us don't want to put in that much effort in following traditions. But sometimes, it is the traditions that made us who we are today. It is also these traditions that I want to bring up my future offsprings to keep that tradition on going. And if you are planning for a wedding. Good luck! And enjoy your wedding. It will be the most memorable day ever! Remember it is your wedding