7 Day Blog Challenge: Hair Products

Woohoo!! The last day of my 7 days blog challenge!! And I lasted!! Again, today I am out and about. So I won't be able to take pretty awesome pictures.

Last Day and we are blogging about Hair Products!! I had to quickly snap photos of the hair products before I left the house. The quality is not going to be amazing, but just so you know.. I tried. 

So currently, these are the hair products that I use right now.. 

I currently have red hair. So I am using L'oreal Vitamino Color Shampoo and Conditioner. The scent of this is just beautifully relaxing. And I swear, my hair feels sooooo soft and soooo smooth after. And it was just sooo amazing. 

Then there is the hair mask. I am using Corine De Farme hair mask. After my shampoo and conditioning, I leave on my hair mask for about 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. The scent of this hair wash is very fruity. And the aftermath is the extra amazing part. Extra smooothhhh and extra lovely to touch. 

I hate split ends and dry ends. And I hate it when my hair feels extra dry and soooo unhealthy. I started using hair oil. And let me just say, this is the best product ever!! The L'oreal Mythic Oil. 

Now at night, when I sleep I always sleep with the air-condition on. To add extra moisture and love to the hair, I apply Dove Damage Therapy. And the next morning, when I wake up I still have an bed hair look and I hardly need to style it up. 

Finally,  my 7 day blog challenge comes to an end. I did have loads of fun posting soooo much about the beauty products that I use. And in a way, to most of my readers.. You guys have gotten to know me more somehow. Anyways, to all you beautiful people out there.. Start blogging and sharing your beauty products and things about you! Will blog to you guys soon!!